Asha Indigo


Best advice you ever received?

‘Twice nothings the same’ a saying my grandad uses, like 0 x 2 is still 0, you came into this world with nothing and leave with nothing. You didn’t have it then and you don’t have it now. Twice of nothing is the same

Favorite food?

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio 

Favorite photographer?

Rtizticphotos - The most creative and hardworking individual I know, his attention for detail is unmatched, he is free spirited and forever pushing the boundaries society enforces.

Favorite part of a mans body?

Eyes - They are the windows to the soul and I need that initial connection. 

Favorite part of your body?

My third eye! 👁 

Turn ons?

Neck kisses, whispering in the ear, being pulled into protective arms from behind, intense intimacy.

Turn offs?

Narrow minded people and those who aren’t true to themselves. You cannot talk butterfly talk with caterpillars.

You're our wcw, who is yours? 

Megan Fox, her soul is on fire at the moment and I’m here for it!

Celebrity crush?

Best part of making love? Besides the obvious.

Twin flame connection.

Craziest place you've ever "done"it?

Area 51 

You feel sexiest when?

I’m in full warrior mode, unstoppable and unfuckwithable !

Favorite place to be touched?

I love being held around my waist or having my hair stroked.

Least favorite place to be touched?

I’m not too overly keen on my feet being touched I’m not entirely sure why as I love feeling the earth on my bare feet.

Advice you'd give a guy trying to date you?

Don’t impress me by trying to impress me, the more I can soul relate with you the more I’ll open up.

What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people you're a model?

Most people are intrigued to see the work I’ve done and the creatives I’ve worked with.

What do you think the difference is, being an inked model versus a glamour model?

On my creative journey I’ve met lots of beautiful people that have worked in different areas of modelling, however I’ve always felt that the alternative industry was much more accepting and pushed more boundaries than any other.

Describe the atmosphere when you're on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer in between shots?

When I’m shooting I need full on intense vibes and connection. I need to feel at one with myself and completely in tune with my surrounding area. I try to engage as much as I can with the photographer as I’m very big on energies and manifesting the very best out of what we do.

If you could go back in time and talk to the young you when you started modeling, what advice would you give yourself?

Keep fucking going and fuck them all!