The EPITOME Magazine: Submission Criteria

Our definition of the Glamour genre is varied to suit our publication. It may include bikini, lingerie, implied, topless nude. The mood leans towards sexy.


While The Epitome Magazine does publish nude work, we will not publish full open leg images, period.


Use the form on the Contact page, or email submissions to

We are an 8.5" x 11" print magazine. 


While unprocessed, low-res, watermarked photos are acceptable for submission review, 2+ MB, 300 dpi, non-marked, high resolution, post-processed images are required for publication.


Be conscious of how tight you fill the frame when shooting and cropping, as images that “bleed the page” in a magazine will lose part of their outer edge. Portrait orientation images work great for print, if a landscape orientation image is part of your submission, now that it might be turned into two pages, so be aware of where the gutter of the magazine will fall.


We do not specify required themes. You may submit any theme you choose, as long as it falls within the glamour genre. However we do Special Edition releases periodically, like Blondes, Brunettes, Latina and INKED.


Submit 6+ images from a single glamour set* – bikini, boudoir, lingerie, topless nude, etc. Keep in mind the more images you submit, the more pages you might be relegated. Our minimum page count for a feature is 4.

Please try to keep a majority of you submission in portrait orientation, possibly include a landscape orientation image that may be turned into two pages of your spread. Keep aware of where the spine would fall in your landscape orientation image.

*A set is defined as a collection of photos taken in a single “scene”, all with identical model, lighting, wardrobe, and background. Not random images.


Each issue we publish a Showcase spread (4) pages, Featured spread (6) pages, and one Centerfold/Cover set which may consist of (6-8) pages . 


Sets are hand-picked by the editors, and are chosen according to quality, quantity, lighting, composition, and definitely… how “appealing” the set is!


The Cover is a rare commodity and reserved for the the centerfold feature, although a flip cover is an available option. Please inquire. Photo is chosen from one of the centerfold set. However, we reserve the right to select a Cover image from any approved set. We offer a flip cover to a featured model set, please inquire. Sometimes we offer a dual cover release.