Spilled Milk

Best advice you ever received?

Best advice I ever received was to not live your life for anyone else but you. It took me a long time to apply that to my life, but once I did I was liberated. 

Favorite food?

Tacos will never fail me!

Favorite photographer?

I’ll be completely biased on this one, but @alexweyer is my favorite photographer. He’s a huge part of the creativity that goes into my work. He’s had a hand in shaping me into the model I am today.

Favorite part of a mans body?

Same as a woman’s, I like a nice peach! 

Turn ons?

Nice smile, great sense of humor, and a tad bit of dominance. 

Turn offs?

Bad oral hygiene, fuck boys...and fuck boys.

Celebrity crush?

RIP Paul Walker 

You're our wcw, who is yours? 

I’d have to give that one to Cynthia Barbosa, she’s been someone that I’ve looked up to for a while and after having the pleasure of meeting her, I’ve come to know how sweet, caring and supportive of a woman she is to myself and other women. I think that’s extremely important. And, she’s also a bombshell. 

Craziest place you've ever done it?

Out front of my parents house.

Best part of making love? Besides the obvious.

Finding yourself.

You feel sexiest when?

I’m wearing really pretty lingerie. 

Favorite place to be touched?

My back.

Least Favorite place to be touched?

My stomach (it’s a Virgo thing)

One piece of advice you'd give a guy trying to date you?

Check your ego.

Describe the perfect date.

I love a good comedy show, and always always feed me.

Describe your worst date.

The movies, ugh... be original already.

What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people you're a glamour model?

Most people are pretty surprised, I’m not girly nor do I really wear makeup on a normal basis.

Describe the atmosphere when you're on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer in between shots?

I’m always jamming music during a shoot, there’s a big collaboration when it comes to each shot and pose. I like to get insight on the photographers point of view so im able to apply that to my posing.

As a model, how do you deal with the collateral drama of your profession? Like dating?

I really make it a point to not care what others around me think, if I did I wouldn’t be able to be myself. 

If you could go back in time and talk to the young you when you started modeling, what advice would you give yourself?

You can do anything you set your mind to, and get ready for the time of your life.