Best advice you ever received?

I would say, “The world is not Black or White! It’s a big grey area you gotta figure out!”

Favorite food?

Mexican? I love beans and tacos 🤤🤤 

Favorite photographer?

I don’t have favorites! 

Favorite part of a mans body?

Height then weight! I love a nice dad bod every now and then 😍😍

Favorite part of your body?

Can I say the whole thing in its entirety? 😂 My boobs 🤷🏽‍♀️ They’re nice and fat!

Turn ons?

Cologne, observance, financial freedom/security (biggest!) Physical appearance or touch is the least of my worries! I get turned on by actions outside of sex 😍😍 manly things 💞🤤

Turn offs?

Cheap, doesn’t listen/take direction well, super touchy and impatient!

You're our wcw, who is yours? 

Nicki Minaj! 

Celebrity crush?

Craziest place you've ever done it?

I don’t think it’s legal so I’ll skip the craziest 😂😂Message me on Onlyfans for the answer Lol Outside in public on a “swing” like object 😭

Best part of making love? Besides the obvious.

When the person loves you back 🥺

You feel sexiest when?

I’m dancing around in my room in my sexiest lingerie after a photoshoot! I feel sexiest with each task I accomplish! 

One piece of advice you'd give a guy trying to date you?

You will need patience as long as the lifespan of a tortoise. I am not easy when it comes to my heart!

Favorite place to be touched?

I like to be held actually! A mere touch is way too subtle.

Least favorite place to be touched?

Anywhere without permission, A lot of men I’ve come across have been disturbingly touchy. It’s so rude! 

Describe the perfect date.

Anywhere with a beautiful view, preferably near water! The Maldives are on my to do list 

Describe your worst date.

I got yelled at for being “bourgeois ” 😂 The guy didn’t have grape jelly at his house and insisted we go to McDonald’s to get some of their Grape Jelly packets. I refused and offered to buy my own jelly, then he proceeded to say that I was stuck up among other things. I’m sure he was just embarrassed. I’m not very confrontational, I just never saw him again. 😂

What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people you're a glamour model?

Nothing too crazy! They usually say “makes sense” and go on about their day 😂😂 No one cares apparently  

Describe the atmosphere when you're on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer in between shots?

I like to keep things as professional as possible! I love to put on some music to get me in my zone and get my sexy on!! 

As a model, how do you deal with the collateral drama of your profession? Like dating?

I don’t date as of right now. I hope to retire from this and find love when I’m done; seems like the only way.

If you could go back in time and talk to the young you when you started modeling, what advice would you give yourself?

I would say, you should’ve started a long time ago! You’re more beautiful than you think! Go get em!!!