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Best advice you ever received?

"This too shall pass" everything always works out but the journey is what makes life interesting.

Favorite food?

I LOVE chicken wings, however the sauce is what makes them the best. I always get all flats in buffalo sauce and a side of garlic parm. The mixture is mouth watering. 

Favorite part of a mans body?

Aside from their eyes, arms are my favorite. I love having a strong man with broad shoulders. It gives me something to grab onto. 

Favorite part of your body?

I love my boobs, they are all natural and sit perfectly.

Turn ons?

I love my boobs, they are all natural and sit perfectly.

Turn offs?

I hate a man who needs reassurance all the time. A man who has confidence steals my heart. 

You're our #MODELCRUSHMONDAY, who is yours? 

Celebrity crush?

Henry Cavill is definitely #1 on my sexual bucket list. 



Craziest place you've ever done it?

I wouldn't consider the place crazy but while he was driving was definitely the hardest lol

Best part of making love? Besides the obvious.

I love the passion and the dance. Knowing the way your partner's body works and the way you can move around without talking.

You feel sexiest when?

I'm dancing, either in a club or line dancing.

One piece of advice you'd give a guy trying to date you?

Be confident and plan dates. I hate surprises but when you make the plans and take initiative that is very sexy. 


Sexual Bucketlist?

I have always wanted to have sex on the beach and on a plane. I love the idea of possibly getting caught!

Favorite place to be touched?

My lower back!

Least favorite place to be touched?

My inner thighs, I am a very tickIish person. 

Describe the perfect date.

Starting out with a walk on the beach and talking about anything that comes to mind, followed by a candle lit dinner and drinks at a dive bar playing pool.

Describe your worst date.

I got stood up at the movies. At least I saw a good comedy.

What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people you're a glamour model?

I usually get a "that makes sense look" but I love when people show an interest.

Describe the atmosphere when you're on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer in between shots?

It really depends on the photographer. I love to play music but I also love to chat. We usually end up making jokes and laughing the whole time.


As a model, how do you deal with the collateral drama of your profession? Like dating?

I usually talk about it up front, but if the guy has an issue with it I just move on. I want someone who supports me, not judges me.

If you could go back in time and talk to the young you when you started modeling, what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself to be cautious and do my research. Find people to lift you up not use you.




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